Frequently asked questions


The insoles can be hand washed with lukewarm water and soap. Please note that too much humidity can damage the insoles.

The technology (damping device) has a long lifespan, it retains its performance. The fabric (sole layer of cleanliness) may deteriorate with use.

These two types of insoles support the arch of the foot, but are complementary. Orthopedic insoles correct posture while IDAWAYS insoles correct pathologies linked to mechanical stress by absorbing shocks and shock waves to relieve the joints, reduce muscle fatigue and prevent back pain while ensuring optimal stability of the body.

The insoles of your shoes are between 4 and 8 mm depending on the model (sneakers, sports shoes, etc.). For optimal comfort and to prevent your foot from being compressed and tight due to the two layers that add up, we strongly recommend removing the basic sockliner in your shoes to replace it with the IDAWAYS insole. Removing the initial sole will allow you to gain comfort and make the most of the benefits of IDAWAYS technology.

Most of the insoles sold in the market or basic in your shoes are flat and soft, when you choose to put on IDAWAYS insoles you are choosing insoles having arch and heel support with a rigid structure essential for stability. It is therefore possible and normal that during your first use you will feel some discomfort in your arch, once your feet are used to it, it will disappear. This discomfort subsides after a little adaptation time. You will then be able to take full advantage of the comfort and efficiency of your IDAWAYS insoles.

The “PHYSIO” insoles are made for activities such as hiking, jogging, walking.

“SPORT” insoles are more suitable for endurance sports activities, for competition and performance research. They are more flexible and lighter in order to facilitate the course of the step (the stride).

The “TALON-HAUT” insoles concern heel-type shoes, barefoot.

It is necessary to choose a size larger than your usual size.

Cut the front of the insole at this size so that the insole presses into the shoe. The insoles must be well immobilized in length and width.

We recommend leaving half a size or even one size larger than yours for IDAWAYS insoles and adjusting if necessary. The shoe sizes being relatively different depending on the brand.


To order your IDAWAYS insoles, simply go to the range of insoles of your choice, select the model and size of your choice and add your selection to your basket.

Once your basket is complete, you will need to create a customer account indicating your email address and complete the information that will be requested. You can then enter your delivery and billing address, choose the delivery method and choose your payment method.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email. Be careful, the e-mail can sometimes slip into your spam e-mails!

To create a customer account, simply go to the “My account” tab then “Customer account”. Then register by indicating your e-mail address and complete the information that will be requested.

In “My customer account” under the identification you have a space “Lost password”. You will then be asked to enter your username or email address. You will receive a link by email to create a new password.

Wait and contact the Idaways crew directly on the email [email protected]

If you have checked the validity of the code several times and it still does not work, two cases are possible. You can ask the person who sent it to you to confirm it again. The other solution is to contact us so that we can do what is necessary.

Return and refund

You can return your IDAWAYS insoles in their original packaging within 14 days only if they have not been used, cut or have a defect. Idaways reserves the right to refuse a refund if the insoles have already been used.

According to the consumer code when purchasing online, the customer can return the item within 14 days of delivery, without justifying or providing proof of the defect of the product. The seller has the obligation to reimburse it within 14 days of returning the product.


An order number will be given to you when confirming the order. This will allow you to track your order from the departure of our space shuttle until it arrives at your home.

If you make a mistake with the order, you can cancel it before proceeding with the purchase or remove the additional item from your basket.

For delivery abroad it takes 5 to 7 working days, please note that customs costs are your responsibility.

If this happens you can send the model back to us and we will send you the correct one. All costs will be borne by us, of course.