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Physio Insole


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Idaways PHYSIO insoles, a concentrate of technology under your feet!

Dare Idaways Physio to respond effectively to the bodily demands of everyday life (walking, trampling, prolonged standing, etc.); back pain, heavy legs, joint pain; and the physical requirements of activities such as golf or hiking, for example.

Walk further, faster, longer!

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Idaways Physio insoles, your allies in all conditions. The know-how of French engineering on the market thanks to our IDASYS technology!

Our technology effectively responds to harmful shock waves on your body by filtering them out upon impact.


Why use Idaways Physio insoles?

An effective and proven solution to everyday nuisances (back pain, joint pain, heavy legs, etc.).

– On a daily basis, when hiking or golfing, feel unparalleled comfort, less feeling of heavy legs, fatigue and joint pain at the end of the day. They also come in prevention of back pain (lumbago for example).


We designed the Idaways Physio so that the user feels optimal comfort and high-performance cushioning that will allow him to enjoy every moment of his day serenely without worrying about joint pain, back pain and heavy legs. The support provided by the Idaways Physio in the shoes will allow you to have a good position when standing and ideal comfort!

The support of the foot is ensured at the back by edges enveloping the heel. The rigidity of the sole allows good transverse support as well as flawless support of the arch of the foot.

What is IDASYS technology?


This technological revolution is characterized by a unique and patented device that greatly reduces shock waves and provides essential stability for maintaining the foot / ankle / knee assembly, unlike the use of soft materials with limited performance.


Choosing the Idaways Physio means choosing innovative French technology, years of R&D and design and a unique and durable pair of insoles for your golf courses, your hikes and your daily life!


Feel the #IDAWAYSEFFECT now.

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Women, Men


34/36, 37/39, 40/42, 39/41, 42/44, 45/47


Our advices for using your insoles properly

Our insoles are designed to adapt to each type of shoe:

For leisure and sportswear shoes, remove the original insoles of your shoes to gain ease and replace them with your IDAWAYS insoles (strongly recommended for 8mm thicknesses).

For street shoes, do not hesitate to choose a half size more to slip in your removable insoles and improve your comfort.

Cut out the insoles to fit your shoes.

First cut your insoles a size a little larger than your shoes and then, if necessary, adjust them so that they fit as closely as possible to the inner shape of the shoe while being well immobilized , they are designed for that!

How it works

The body reacts very sensitively to instability as well as to the shock waves generated from the impact on the ground when the body is in motion.

During our travels, instability and shock waves constitute a high risk of trauma on a daily basis (joint pain, tendonitis, back pain, etc.), or even falls.

To significantly attenuate these shock waves, it is necessary to use high-performance mechanisms between the foot and the ground.

The insoles are therefore ideally placed to receive these protection mechanisms.

The IDAWAYS device, resulting from the IDASYS technology, is innovative since it simultaneously provides:

  • A filtering effect (reduction of the level of shock on impact)
  • A damping effect (reduction of the duration / amplitude of the shock wave)
  • A stabilizing effect and good support for the foot/ankle/knee assembly

Thus the “energy converter” devices from the IDASYS technology used in the IDAWAYS insoles make it possible to attenuate the shock wave in a very significant way in a thickness and a reduced volume while preserving this rigidity essential to the stability of the body.

They have the property of reducing shock by absorbing an appropriate amount of the static energy applied during impact on the ground while maintaining optimal stability and good support.

To learn more about the technology, it’s here!

8 reviews for Physio Insole

  1. Christian33130

    J’ai eu l’occasion de faire plusieurs parcours de golf avec les idaways physio aux pieds et c’est un véritable bonheur !! D’abord le confort et le maintien de la voute plantaire se font ressentir de suite, un point très positif surtout pour le golf où le confort dans mes chassures m’est indispensable; ensuite j’ai pu ressentir moins de lourdeur et de fatigue en fin de parcours. j’avoue que le prix m’a un peu surpris au premiere abord mais je me suis laissé tenté et j’en suis entièrement satisfait, une fois aux pieds ca les vaut largement je recommande !

  2. Chantal LE GOFF

    Ayant fait beaucoup de danse classique j’ai des pieds très cambrés et le port de baskets m’étaient impossible compte tenu de la voute plantaire
    inadaptée. Les semelles IDAWAYS physio m’ont apporté un réel confort immédiat à la marche et à la station debout.
    Je suis agée de 76 ans et je ne pourrais plus m’en passer. Cette nouvelle façon de se chausser me permet d’avoir confiance en moi pour marcher .
    Ce produit m’a été recommandé par des amis et moi meme je le recommande également.

  3. Daugy

    Des semelles très confortables qui réduisent les douleurs. Très satisfaite.

  4. Camille (verified owner)

    Ravie de mes semelles; portées au quotidien, elles diminuent les douleurs liées à la marche prolongée et la sensation de jambes lourdes, j’ai moins mal en bas du dos en fin de journée. Je recommande!

  5. Guilloteau33

    L’utilisation des semelles IDAWAYS m’a permis d’avoir une amélioration au niveau des vertèbres et plus particulièrement au niveau des lombaires , pour le golf super

  6. ZC31

    J’utilise quotidiennement mes semelles idaways et mes douleurs se sont estompées

  7. NatachaAM

    Mes douleurs au bas du dos étaient handicapantes l’utilisation des semelles idaways a permis de voir ces douleurs disparaitre assez rapidement

  8. Larue Catherine

    Je suis vraiment satisfaite des semelles idaways physio. Je marche régulièrement avec et grâce à elles, je n’ai plus mal aux genoux

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