March 2022 

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Presentation of the Idaways Sport and the value of using them in the running area to increase performances and wellness.

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January 2023

Idaways SPORT test on Wider Trail magazine, a detailed feedback on the need for Idaways SPORT insoles in your equipment!

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November 2022

The Idaways Physio insoles essential for Golf! Presentation of the benefits of Physio for your golf courses in the back-to-school edition.

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September 2021

Running Heroes and Idaways renew their partnership to reward the Running Heroes community!

August 2021

Idaways accompanies Vanessa Morales for her 5 big challenges of the 2021/2022 season with on the program: Mount Olympus, Kala Patthar, Record trail on Kilimanjaro, Manaslu and ultra-run Raramuri

Record broken on Kilimanjaro! Idaways is happy to have accompanied Vanessa in her performance!

May 2021

Idaways SPORT insoles combed through in the April Edition of Jogging International!

March 2021

Presentation of the IDAWAYS brand in a column dedicated to companies in the sports sector, an article in our honor which recounts our adventure since its inception!

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