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Comfort Insole


Comfort insoles are specially adapted to high-heeled shoes, open or closed, sandals, ballerinas… Their 3/4 size allows them to be invisible by not protruding at the front of the foot.

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Comfort insoles are delivered in packs of 2 pairs in ¾ format.


– A discreet and comfortable 3/4 format.

2 colors to choose from, black or beige.

– A soft touch effect fabric in direct contact with your foot for a comfortable soft feeling, which also prevents the appearance of bacteria.

– Our dynamic damping device integrated under the heel attenuates shocks and suppresses the wave that follows (IDASYS technology from the space domain).

– The honeycomb structure integrated into the front of the 3/4 insole supports your arch of the foot for increased comfort and stability. Your metatarsus is directly in contact with your shoe.

– An anti-slip adhesive surface protected by a plastic film (to be removed during installation in your shoes).


We have equipped the Idaways Comfort insoles with Idasys technology, an intelligent dynamic damping technology derived from aerospace. This technological revolution is characterized by a unique and patented device which greatly reduces shock waves and provides much-needed stability to the support of the foot/ankle/knee assembly.

Adapted to different types of open shoes (sandals, ballerinas, etc.) and heels, these insoles will reconcile you with all your pairs!

The soft touch coating gives you a feeling of softness and lightness that will accompany you throughout your day.

These ¾-format insoles fit discreetly into your finest and most refined shoes.

Start your day calmly without carrying spare sneakers in your bag!

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Beige,  Black

Our advices

Our advices for using your insoles properly:

  • A self-adhesive layer secures the insole in the shoe, preventing it from moving. This also allows it to be removed very easily without leaving traces.
  • When the insole is peeled off several times to be applied to other shoes, the glue will degrade and will no longer be able to play its fixing role. It is therefore preferable to have a pair of insoles dedicated to each pair of shoes
  • These insoles are ¾ insoles that are positioned at the back of the shoe to prevent them from sticking out at the front of the foot.

For High Heel and Half insole, first clean the original insole of the shoe, remove the protective film from the IDAWAYS insole and apply it directly into your shoes.

How it works

The body reacts very sensitively to instability as well as to the shock waves generated from the impact on the ground when the body is in motion.

During our travels, instability and shock waves constitute a high risk of trauma on a daily basis (joint pain, tendonitis, back pain, etc.), or even falls.

To significantly attenuate these shock waves, it is necessary to use high-performance mechanisms between the foot and the ground.

The insoles are therefore ideally placed to receive these protection mechanisms.

The IDAWAYS device, resulting from the IDASYS technology, is innovative since it simultaneously provides:

  • A filtering effect (reduction of the level of shock on impact)
  • A damping effect (reduction of the duration / amplitude of the shock wave)
  • A stabilizing effect and good support for the foot/ankle/knee assembly

Thus the “energy converter” devices from the IDASYS technology used in the IDAWAYS insoles make it possible to attenuate the shock wave in a very significant way in a thickness and a reduced volume while preserving this rigidity essential to the stability of the body.

They have the property of reducing shock by absorbing an appropriate amount of the static energy applied during impact on the ground while maintaining optimal stability and good support.

To learn more about the technology, it’s here!

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  1. Claire

    Très confortables et très discrètes elles ne quittent plus mes k jacques

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